5 Widely-used Digital Marketing Strategies in India

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According to Digital Marketing Industry Insights Report for India which was published in 2018, over 68% of brands leverage digital marketing to promote their businesses. This indicates that those who choose to promote their brands using digital marketing have a lot to gain.

Here are some of the commonly used digital marketing strategies in India.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is a tool many brands have leveraged to build their businesses. 60% of businesses in India are reported to use Instagram as a marketing platform. They share content like images, videos and feedbacks as well as engage their consumers in a non-formal setting. Social media is free, except in cases where brands run sponsored campaigns to promote their brand.

2. Search Engine Optimization

This form of digital marketing allows business websites to get ranked in the results pages whenever people use search engines to search for information related to their niche. There are many search engine optimization firms in India. They evaluate user experience and minimize bounce rates on websites.

3. Search Engine Marketing

Unlike search engine optimization which requires keyword research and patience to develop leads, search engine marketing is a faster and more expensive way of ranking in search engine results. In Pay-Per-Click marketing, a website owner only pays when a user clicks on their advert. Many brands in India subscribe to this form of marketing, according to a recent report.

4. Content Marketing

This involves the use of content which is rich in keywords to generate leads and urge consumers to take action. Content is based on topics that revolve around the keywords users are likely to use during search queries. It could also be in the form of info graphics or eBook.

5. Web Analytics

This involves measuring consumer behavior through data and metrics. Relevant information about consumers, where they come from, and the kind of devices they use, and what they do on your website are tracked using the plugins installed on your website. This plays an important role in measuring the results of digital marketing strategies.

5 Widely-used Digital Marketing Strategies in India

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