How to Market a Mobile App in Denver

July 18 DC - How to Market a Mobile App in Denver

It’s one thing to develop an app, and another thing to market it to a target audience successfully. Denver has become a tech haven, and pushing a mobile app through the market means you have to make something unique. With over 4,000 startups, the country ranks 3rd in the world in tech – meaning there are lots of competitors in the field. About two-third of these startups fail, and only with the proper marketing campaign can you stay out of the over 70%.

A lot of people focus on just app development without considering cost of marketing. Here’s how you can successfully sell your app to Denver – without breaking the bank.

Social Media Marketing

The good thing about social media is that it’s free and almost everyone is on it. Therefore, open a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and possibly Pinterest account for your app. Get an SEO specialist or a good copywriting agency to come up with great posts that will spark interest and keep users engaged on your pages. You could also talk to social media influencers to download the app, test and review it.

Create a site for the App

Users would want to easily get more information about the app on how to use it, special features and customer support. Hence, you will need to create a good website with relevant content. There are good web designers who can create a responsive design, good graphics and pages that can be easily navigated. Ensure that the designer you contract is able to come up with what fits your location and target audience. A little online research will help. If your app is targeted at Denver residents for example, you can search for “Best web design company Denver” and contact them.

Ensure that you give the web designer a guideline on what you want and also a “share” button must be included so that users can share your content with other easily. Once the website is done, endeavour to also provide updates (and even videos or manuals) on how the app can be used, downloaded or upgraded – as regularly as possible.

More promos and giveaways

If your app is going to be available on Apple Store or Google Play Store, you can add a freebie for the first 100 or 1000 people to download. There could also be a particular premium feature unlocked for them. This will drive traffic towards your product. Also endeavour to place PPC ads on Google AdWords so it can pop up when searches are made. With time, not only will you have millions of users, but celebrities in Denver would further endorse it.

How to Market a Mobile App in Denver
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