For website design and development, while defining the scope, our Analyst provides the hours estimations for end to end execution and deployment. Based on the hourly rate, the final cost is shared with the client. Please speak to our experts for further details.

Yes we also redesign existing website as per the requirements of the client, industry or competitor analysis. For more information please speak to our experts.

There is no standard cost for building a mobile app as everything depends on the time and type of app you would like us to build. It is a customized service and we charge as per the scope and hours of efforts required by the resources.

Stating a fixed time won´t be right. It all depends on the intricacies you need for your app. However, each resource spends 160 working hours in a month and no. of resources would be decided as per the application requirement and defined scope.

We offer myriad services which include complete Digital Marketing including Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Website Designing and Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Applications and Staff Augmentation.

Minimum recommended time frame required for SEO projects is 6 months wherein continues efforts and updated strategy would be required in meeting the desired results.

We make recommendations for the website and the client implements the changes. Or if you provide us with the FTP access, we implement the changes at our end and inform the client.