4 Design Tips Guaranteed to Make Your Website Pack a Punch

DC Blog Content 20 Feb 2018 Images - 4 Design Tips Guaranteed to Make Your Website Pack a Punch

Startups are usually wary about their marketing budget, especially when it comes to digital marketing. The question of return on investment is always a huge concern. How can social media competitions influence my bottom-line? Does changing the colour of my call-to-action button really make customers convert?

These are some common questions entrepreneurs ask, especially those who come from a non-marketing background. The goal is to compete strongly with established online business, and a lean budget makes this difficult. So, how can a few seemingly insignificant web design tweaks achieve this?

On the contrary, they can. After all, David slew the Goliath with a mere pebble. Your budding website can pack a punch with the right, simple designs. Clients who use professional web designing services in Denver can testify to this.

The following tips can yield quantifiable benefits for your site, and they won’t cost a fortune.

1. An easy layout

It is tempting to fill your site with all the products and announcements you hope to promote, but the wrong execution can cost you engagement and sales. When creating a website, always have your audience in mind. If you are in a brick and mortar store, a layout of jumbled aisles will putt you off. The same principle applies to web layouts. Use the Rule of Thirds to display your products for best results.

2. Use colour psychology

Colours play a significant role in our ability to make decisions. Understanding the psychology of colour will help you present your website for maximum impact. For instance, if you are selling luxury products, black exudes a feeling of sophistication.

Men are attracted to grey, black and green, while women love purple, blue and cream. For warning or hazard, yellow makes a good impression, so you are better off highlighting those key announcements or CTA buttons yellow.

3. The law of fewer options

If you want people to make a quick purchase decision, you are better off presenting them with fewer options. According to Hick’s Law, when designing your product page, minimise the number of products you put on display. This reduces the buyer’s uncertainty and increases chances of faster conversion. Customers who feel “spoiled for choice” will most likely prefer a website that simplifies their selection process. Any good designer knows this. Remember this when you are looking for expert web designing services in Noida.

4. Content structure

The way you structure your content can retain or bounce visitors. Content that follows an organised direction will easily guide the reader word for word, line by line, paragraph by paragraph. By engaging them this way, you will most certain convince them to act after their reading journey. Some things to note:

• Use short paragraphs
• Bullet points are good for emphasis
• Apply intuitive headlines
• Subheadings are effective in introducing new paragraphs

With these slight changes to your website, your website can give other established sites a good run for their money.

4 Design Tips Guaranteed to Make Your Website Pack a Punch

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