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Why Organic SEO is still relevant in 2017

by admin on 21st June 2017 , No comments

Over time, SEO has changed drastically and has gone beyond simply being a marketing technique to being more of a branding strategy. When done right, organic SEO will help you attract customers who’ll keep coming back. Here’s why you should take advantage of organic SEO this year.

  1. Quality traffic

You don’t want to see visitors coming to your site only to leave, without ever coming back. This is often what you get when you use paid referral services, especially social media. Such visitors are not actively searching for you or your services; they spot you and decide to check you out. On the other hand, visitors who find you consistently through specific queries are more likely to visit more than one page once they see you’re relevant to them. You’ll have lower bounce rates and convert users who will keep coming back.

  1. Better value for money

Pouring all your financial resources into paid ads alone won’t get you the results you need. Paid referral services can be costly, for instance, PPC can drive costs beyond what you may have planned for, depending on the number of clicks. You’ll be better off putting your money into organic SEO efforts, or at least mixing organic SEO with other paid alternatives to get even better value. Whichever way you go, some of the best organic SEO services in India come at affordable prices and will ensure you get better ROI.

  1. Less limitation

Using the paid referral services offered by social media sites limits you to a closed system where you don’t have much control. Twitter could decide to personalise the feed, Facebook might cut organic viewing, and Pinterest could remove your affiliate links, all causing you to lose all the traffic you have generated without giving you time to adjust. Google gives more wiggle room such that, even if you are affected by a change in their algorithms or get penalised and lose all your traffic, you can bounce back easily enough. Of course, you’ll likely not have this problem if you work with a capable SEO team.

  1. Better content and credibility

Organic SEO encourages you to post up-to-date, quality content across all pages on your website. You focus on improving and maintaining the quality of your site, helping to keep even visitors that reach you via paid platforms. On the other hand, depending solely on paid referral services could make you relaxed about the quality of your content, and low quality, stale content is bad for your credibility. What we suggest is a healthy mix of both organic search and paid referral services to get the best of both worlds.

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