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Top 10 net development trends for 2015-16

by admin on 16th December 2016 , No comments

With new powerful development tools, super cool new technical school ology and periodic event changes within the tech world, this year appearance set to be a  awfully exciting year for net developers. Here area unit our high ten trends and predictions for the net development world in 2015.

1. Motion UI

  An rising trend we are going to see plenty a lot of of within the New Year, Foundation for Apps already enforced sturdy visual feedback mistreatment animation. at the side of Motion UI, Google’s Material style is associate degree rising trend that we’ll little question see plenty a lot of of, most likely helped on by frameworks just like the compound Project.



2. New challenges for responsive design

While wearable technology continues to grow in quality, we are able to expect new style challenges bestowed by devices just like the Apple Watch, Google Glass and optic Rift. Supporting each screen in spite of size or form is what responsive style is all regarding. ZURB’s Foundation is evolving into “Foundation for Sites” and continues to evolve. Linguistics UI could be a new style framework that istrying extremely promising, notably for app style.

3. Foundation for Apps

Foundation’s 1st intrude on the app house, the new framework introduces app templates, associate degree integrated JavaScript development setting with AngularJS and Gulp. New style parts together with Motion UI and also the flexbox grid. It’s still youth for the framework, however we have a tendency to expect massive things.



4. The rise of Node.js

I think we’ll see a shift in internet application development to Node.js and possibly different JavaScript server-side frameworks. groups can shift towards employing a single language on internet comes. Node can facilitate to push this transition on, as each front and rear developers area unit usually competent in JavaScript.

5. Web UI components

Polymer and ReactJS can grow in quality as developers move towards additional reusable dynamic elements. Facebook’s ReactJS library is framework-agnostic and uses some fancy new techniques to quickly build user interfaces. The compound project may be a larger framework that permits you to make client-side applications and incorporates mobile-ready style.


6. New JavaScript features

  • WebGL 3D can become progressively in style as browsers still increase in speed and capability. High-powered by frameworks like 3.js, we have a tendency to hope to ascertain additional applications of this amazing technology in-browser.
  • HTML5 JavaScript APIs can have inflated support in iOS and mechanical man browsers
  • Service Worker magic for offline web-app use
  • Object. Observe – revolutionizing two-way information binding in JavaScript MV* frameworks


7. Web API

More app developers can build net Apis, utilized by their net app and their native apps. this is often already getting down to happen, and can virtually actually increase in quality as one codebase could be a ton easier to take care of.


8. Single page applications

Following the expansion in quality of the preceding technologies, I expect we’ll see a lot of single page applications being created. Within the twelvemonth I hope to envision a lot of solutions to a number of the challenges that building these apps gift.



9. The rise of Instagram

  Instagram recently passed Twitter in their range of users, will this meana movement faraway from micro-blogging and a rise within the quality of image sharing applications? we have a tendency to hope to visualize additional artistic ways that to share pictures and videos as new technology becomes offered. We must always additionally keep a watch out for developments and trends among different image-based sharing applications like Pinterest and SnapChat.

10. The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is that the network of physical objects that contains embedded technology so as for them to speak and act with their environments and every alternative. Additional devices are getting network-accessible, therefore as internet developers, we’ll be tasked with developing with new solutions to assist users management and communicate with their cars, heat pumps, ovens, toasters and plants.

Many corporations like sensible Things and Little Bits have already got kits that create your house appliances sensible therefore in 2015, we have a tendency to predict that IoT code platforms can still displace hardware. Though abundant of the first plug has been concerning advanced wearables and wireless technologies, this year we have a tendency to predict that we’ll see AN exaggerated concentrate on the code and particularly the cloud services to form of these sensors connect, transfer knowledge, and drive analytics that generate insights and alter efficiencies and communications across the business.

The IoT movement is therefore immense that recently Google’s chairman Eric Helmut.




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